Edges Alive 




an edge at which we meet at dawn

to walk amongst fallen trees and twigs

leaves and shrubs

crawling with our pasts

alive with sensations

where everything is moving


continuously evolving

transformative rather than conserve-ative

boundaries are the distance at which we can love ourselves and each other




by now, you know about personal

boundaries, about what they are and how

difficult it can be to navigate them. what

used to be a non-concept, is now seen as an

expression of self love. however this shift of

understanding is often confined to the space

of personal responsibility. a move towards

optimization rather than liberation.

I believe that we need a situated analysis.

our boundaries are ways for us to adjust to the circumstances we find ourselves in. they grow from our lived and felt experience.

how are we supposed to love ourselves

in a world teaching us to ignore our needs

and cross our boundaries

in a world where saying this is too much risks




and safety

how are we supposed to love ourselves

if going beyond your capacities is expected,

essential even

if there’s no way to take time for yourself

or for others

care is gatekept

how are we supposed to love ourselves

if rest and recharge is not an option

because stress

is something prestigious and casual

how are we supposed to love ourselves

when stress

is just another word for fear

(physiologically the same)

a warning of your body

an alarm constantly going

gnawing and numbing

we are expected to detach and push

ourselves, while the boundaries of the

institutions and systems structuring our lives

are seemingly absolute.

there was no room for

our wholeness in first place

this has never been love

national boundaries are the fences at which

lives are lost or rather taken

the rooms in which people are locked

or the practice of confining

the oceans as we turn them into cemeteries

the categorizations of

who is a threat and who isn’t

who belongs and who doesn’t

who is of value, who is not

who is at which end of scarcity

who gets to self determine

and to which degree

we can’t let those be the borders of our lives.

we can’t let them define the horizons of our dreams.

threaten the boundaries that divide us. tear

them down inside of us and elsewhere. stop 

loving what doesn’t love us back.2

love each other radically instead.

how far do we want to go and where?

where do we want distance and where do

we choose to be close?

making space for each other

growing trust

once we feel safe with each other

and seen


we melt our armor, soften walls,

offer each other our surfaces

to touch


dare to push

shape differently

breathe life into the parts that went numb

from being hurt too many times

we grow with and into each other

we grow with and into ourselves

grow more resilient

and dangerous

ready to defend each other

learning how to fight together



1 compare Prentis Hill (2021) “Boundaries Can Be Love” in adrienne maree brown’s Holding Change, AKPress (2021)


2 source unknown