I’m just lying there


On the warm tar

The softened asphalt

An imprint of me

Hips the deepest

Then the shoulders

Then the head

My body

Intended as a mould

A skin like home

If you were to unhook 

The muscles from my bones

You would be left 

With something dignified:

A vaguely resembled being

But the comforting stack 

I’d been faithful to

No longer rhymes with me

The dough still wet 

When I left the tin

Sweet crumbs 

Mixed with the glaze

Once a river

Now rain

The empty space 

Between the frames

A treasure box with riddles

Candles clicking 

Seconds away

An overflowing of the edge

Sets a flood in motion

Memories of a 

Footprint in the sand

A trembling cloud 

Of whispersounds

With the confidence 

That simple depth 

Would follow a red thread

I understand that pain 

Also battles 

For the space 

Surrounding the heart