Silenced Hunger 



On the first day / created fire / On the first night / stars shined in darkened eyes / drunk by long travels / I met your meat / riot of surfaces / I was eye / distorted vision / sand in my I / counted time differently / Molds for rain / on the days / sun shined /


On the second day / created flowers and beautiful birds / The teasing of beauty / On the second night / they kneeled nailed to the ground / One came from far far away / riding a sandstorm / one sailed the seven seas of their deep blue eyes / everywhere and nowhere / then suddenly in front of me / feasting on my body /


On the third day / a funeral for the past / On the third / a marriage of three corners / I saw him enter the room from the back of my mind / again / I met you now / laying next to me / riding your breath / entering your cavities / molds for rain / on the days / sun shined /


On the fourth day / made a stew / On the forth night / dirty hands eye shift to walls I smell of hunger and lonesome bones / Staked into numbers weaving the remains to hang from / taking shelter to its home / Night cries in windowed fortunes / I left the stars for you / I listen to my eyes kissing your hands /


On the fifth day I was drunk / Sun at its end / anchoring the night / I met you now / soften gaze eat / possible maybes /


Oh the sixth day / will dance / On the sixth night one of them sleeps alone multiplied in dreams of believers / Bouncing on memories splashing on the walls of future / my eyes have been called for other usage /


On the seventh day light came before darkness had fallen / flat on the ground / crushed by dancing feet / On the seventh night / I don’t think you could understand / Suspended splendid in the air / listen to eyes kissing / connected in daylight by shadows bridging us /


On the eight day a coffee flood through the corridors drowning the future for another to come / On the eight night I came / twice / Your breath moves my spine / rippling through space / I move towards you / cutting your hair away from your eyes / resting on the ground bursting / left the stars for you /


On the ninth day I came / I saw / I conquered his heart /


On the tenth day I lost mine / On the tenth night me and the moon stared at each other for one hour till it looked away / I win //