Read through your ears 


the click

the beat 

mysterious sound 

a noise 

a click

a knock 

a tick



Tune into 


the click

the beat 

mysterious sound 

a noise 

a click

a knock 

a tick







drop the click

drop the beat

drop the ear



“Here comes the title as soon as she speaks”

(eva susova, 2020) 


The sleeping grandmother is waking up

to the musical storm,

the moment of gradation, 

peaking crisis 

breaking into catharsis. 


- “I can hear you wondering.”


The idea of an ability 

of possessing spirits,

channeling characters. 

Ghosts are voices.

My voice has ghosts. 

As I practice, I can hear them. 

Ghosts in my voice. 

I can recognise them. 

Awareness is the first opening of possible change.

Someone once told me:

- “When you meet the ghost just say Hi!.

- Thank you for coming. Now, please leave.”


crying and laughing


My underlying dream would be to manage to be a somatic loop machine. 

It sounds very beautiful when voices layer, 

when they come into multiplicity. 

When they come to its full sonic expansion. 

When the sonic expansion fills our bodies. 

Starting from the top, 

from the skin layer, 


into our muscles, bones, into the cells and hormones.

Hormones, they spread

the feeling of pleasure. 

Hormones they flood. 

The flood of hormones. 


Voda se přelévá z naplněných pohárů do naplněných pohárů. 

Slova jsou nedostačující. 

Tohle se už nedá uklidnit, protože to klidný nikdy nebylo.*


“Feminist cyborg stories have the task of recording communication 

and intelligence to subvert command control.“** 


Appearance and interpretation and its immediate ability. 



and immediate ability 

post pone post pone post pone 


It is here and now.


healing frequencies


The inner voice? 

What happens when your inner voice is let loose and interferes with your speaking voice? 


I walked down the street, heading to the market.


With every step I slowly realised the increasing absence.


There are no people on the streets. There is no one. Even the cars are absent. 



I need that piece of juicy fruit from that market. 


A doubt begins to overshadow my needs.



Where is everyone? 

e-e-e-e-e-e(i)        i-i-i-i

I only hear the sound of shaving the döner. 


Often the main content, the affect of work is 

in the side effect, 

in the side noise.

In its lateral “damage”.


I write and then type and then re-type and then, type it somewhere else. 

I type and then re-type and then type it somewhere else in a similar way.

However you read my voice. It is most likely correct. 

Leave some space for us in such a decision.


voices on the disco ball 



The story is told not only in words but as well in its bodily oral/sonic capacity, in uncanny sounds and volumes of affect.


“What if?”***


amplification of Kimchi farts


I aspire to


-” experts but we will listen to it through how we listen to it.” 


“Accumulation with Talking plus Water Motor”

(Trisha Brown, 1979) 


Sometimes I ask other people to read my notes. 

Because I don’t remember how they sounded in my head. 

How did this sound? 

I am absolutely unsure but I knew it, that’s why I exactly wrote it the way I wrote it. 


“The Word for World is Forest”

(Ursula K. Le Guin, 1976)


the click

the beat 

mysterious sound 

a noise 

a click

a knock 

a tick


Such a channeling is not done in an “expressive” way

as if mocking such an ability.

But rather it uses a choreographic approach, the one of Yvonne Reiner

 - “it’s not a meditative event, it's a task like, it’s a matter of fact.” 

The poetics and atmosphere are engraved in the spatial design. 


the click

the beat 

mysterious sound 

a noise 

a click

a knock 

a tick


“They were going through

the motions of singing;

he was going through the motions

of not hearing their silence”****


What are your thoughts?

My listening is speaking. 


Sensual spiritual jazz, 

wondering melody of flute,

steady base of resonating drum. 

The drummer touches the drum four times differently as audible.

Skladba je v rytmu tříčtvrtečním.*****




shivering truth 

air - voice - breath - dance of feminist vibes

anaerobic respiration 



are you still grieving? 




The water is pouring from overflowing cups into overflowing cups. 

The words are deficient. 

This will not go quiet, because it has never been quiet. 



Haraway, Donna J.

“A Cyborg Manifesto.”

Manifestly Haraway. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2016, p. 56.



“There are three “what if” components to the “I” who dances. What if 



Hay, Deborah. my body, the buddhist. Middletown, Wesleyan University Press, 2000, p.1.



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The music pattern is in the three-four tempo.

Notes is created from some notes noted in the year 2020. I selected the ones that indicate in broad sense a sound thus can be mistaken for musical notes.